💡A bright idea!


Text-a-parent is a service used by schools to send messages to a large group of parents at one time. RTAI Cork has adopted this service for sending text messages to our members. It is a streamlined, cost-effective system.

The beauty of the service for our members is that all RTAI text messages are held in one place – no more scrolling through your text messages to find a message you know came in a week or more ago!

To use the service you need to download the app. It’s free, and it takes less than a minute to install on your iPhone or android phone.

On your iPhone,  download it from the App Store. On your android phone, download it from Playstore.

After that, you need do no more. All future text messages from RTAI Cork, will be delivered to your Text-a-Parent app, and neatly stored in one location on your phone. You will get a notification each time a message arrives, and you can read the message at a time convenient to you.

Download the app today!