Cinema Visit and Early Bird Meal

Claude Monet, Water Lilies (Agapanthus), 1915-26

On Tuesday 12th April a group gathered in Curran’s Restaurant, Adelaide St, for a delicious Early Bird meal, before heading across to the Gate Cinema for the Exhibition On Screen.

There were 14 people at the meal, and another 6 attended the cinema only. It was a lovely opportunity to meet like-minded RTAI members, to compare notes and share anecdotes and news!

The screening of Monet to Matisse; Painting the Modern Garden was well attended, and we were lucky to get good seats. The film was educational as well as entertaining. We learned about how the artists designed and planted their gardens with colour combinations in mind. While we already knew a bit about Giverney and Argenteuil, it was interesting to hear about the trend in the 19th Century for the Wild Garden, and to contrast this with Max Liebermann’s Villa garden at Lake Wannsee in Germany, which was planted in a much more formal layout. Liebermann however, also painted in the Impressionist style. These were exciting times in horticulture, with many new plants being developed and also being imported from overseas.

Perhaps an advantage to attending the screening, rather than the exhibition, was the insight we gained into how an exhibition is curated. As well as that of course, we learned so much about the Impressionist period and the lives of the artists featured in the exhibition.

Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil - Renoir Pierre-Auguste

As well as this well-known Renoir painting of Monet in his garden, we saw the scene that Monet was actually painting, which gave us a 180° view of the neighborhood.

Mhuscail an scannán fonn ionainn dul go Londain chun an teaspáinteas a fheiceáil!