Garden Centre Visit

On Friday 1st July, we moved our usual coffee morning to Griffins Garden Centre, for a “Magical Morning” with an informative talk from Margaret Griffin, followed by lunch.

About 40 RTAI Cork members, with gardening skills varied on a scale from “Plant-food, what’s that?” to the “Gardening Gifted” were well catered for by Margaret’s presentation. Some brave souls dared to answer honestly to challenging questions like “What compost do you use?”, “Should you water roses?” “What do you feed your hanging baskets?” and then were able to pat themselves on the back when Margaret confirmed their practice. Others, wisely sang dumb! Better to take notes quietly.

Margaret advised on the best types of compost for different purposes. She showed us the various forms of plant food and explained their uses. She showed us how to plant trailing plants in baskets or containers. We got lots of tips on the best plants to use in various parts of the garden. We also learned how to help slugs die happy!

Finally, Margaret planted a beautiful window box, and raffled it among those present. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Anne Lande!

After the session with Margaret, we adjourned to the cafe for a delicious lunch, and a long chat into the afternoon!