Christmas Charity Coffee Morning 2016

The December Coffee Morning in 2016 was held as usual at the Clayton Silver Springs Hotel. This year it was a charity coffee morning in aid of the Sirigu babies’ home in Ghana. Joe Lane tells us the story of the Sirigu Home:

Hannah and I went to Ghana in September 2010. We met Mary Coughlan who was there for three years before us, and is still there. She brought us to the Sirigu babies’ home which was set up to care for abandoned babies. We got involved, and helped to repaint and obtain a permanent water supply to the home.

We continued to support the home on our return, through coffee mornings; here at home, and at Muskerry Golf Club.

The RTAI kindly ran their December Coffee Morning for Sirigu in Hannah’s memory. It was a huge success and I was able to lodge €3210 to Mary’s account. This raised over 12 000 GhCedi.

Mary has been in touch and that money will be used for a few projects she has in mind for the home.

I cannot thank the Retired Teachers enough. Firstly to the Committee for agreeing to come on board, and the members who showed up in such large numbers and were so generous in their support. Míle buíochas ó chroí, Joe.

Indeed, our members were very generous, and a long raffle was held, so numerous were the prizes donated. By way of entertainment a display of set dancing was put on by some recent “graduates” of the set dancing course!

A BIG THANK YOU to the hotel, who donated most of the proceeds of the morning to the charity.

Thanks to Seán Radley for the photographs below.