Teas crua ar Chruachán!

The summer hillwalk took us up to Cruachán in the Comeraghs, just north of Dungarvan. After meeting to car-pool, we were all assembled, counted and given our “marching orders” by Clare Shelley, before heading for the hills, ably led by Veronica Curran.

It was a hot day! The tecchies among us recorded 27C at the base, and 19C at the summit. Plenty of water and frequent rests were essential, as was liberal application of sunblock. But the views were worth the hard work.  Veronica pointed out An Fear Bréige and an older telecommunications mast on the distant hills. From the top of Cruachán we had a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and coastline.

Thanks to Liam McGrath for the wonderful photos.

Well-earned rest.
Happy hikers.
Higher, much higher than the mast!
Make sure to cover up well!
On the descent.