The Sheep and Me …. on Mangerton

A tough but wonderful day’s clamber and climb was undertaken by an intrepid band of of 43 retiree climbers, on Mangerton Mt. Co. Kerry. Fortunately, it was a very clear albeit bitterly cold day….                                                                                                                           

With my head full of the joys of the last few hours, mentally reliving the stunning views, the friendly colleagues and chats, I lagged behind and found myself on a solo descent! Picking my way carefully downwards, I was suddenly faced with a stream and a barbed wire fence to be crossed. Nothing for it but to climb over and join a flock of sheep, happily grazing on the wild mountainside and ignoring this happy trespasser!                                                                                                                                                      Soon, from another ridge, lo and behold, way below were our parked cars and the first arrival climbers milling around. Downwards I plodded with a light heart. Thanks to the help of my phone-a-friend on the other end, my mobile summoned up two knights in shining armour (i.e. trekking jackets) who guided me over the last barbed wire hurdle, to join the kind friends who waited patiently for this lost sheep.

Back safely in the warmth of The Mills in Ballyvourney we were fed and watered, rounding off what was an unforgettable day on Mangerton Mt. Well done all!!    


Anne Durity

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