Pádraig Leads the Way

Many of us have sped through Baile Mhic Ire – Baile Bhuirne heading east or west
without noticing much on either side as we go. Thankfully, under the right
director the area yields up its treasures and secrets. Pádraig O Conaill (in the last
days of his Presidency) is just such a man. Uasal ach iseal, he provided yet another
service for his fellows. Thirty one followed him and listened with rapt attention as
he led us from “The Mills” to the front gate of Coláiste Iosagáin, on to the Ionad
Culturtha, the carved tree and then in a loop at a higher level back to “The Mills”
and grub; where Pádraig indulged us and let us “play” with his chain of office! As a
team player and one who does not spare himself for the members, we rejoice in
his most successful year as President.

The weather was as it had “said on the tin!”. Only those who expected a miracle
heatwave from Pádraig, could have been disappointed. Beir bua, a Phádraig!

Seán O Callanáin