Ag Spaisteoireacht i gCiarraí

The Ramblers took to the Black Valley on Wednesday 16th March.

Thanks to Claire Shelley for the report, and to Elizabeth O’Connell and Derry Keogh for the pictorial evidence!

A great day was had by all -29 of us walked through the Black Valley (my first time) & it stayed dry! A bus took us from Kate Kearney’s cottage to Derrycunnihy Church, where we began our descent through undergrowth to lunch at Lord Brandon’s Cottage, arriving just ahead of a large group of French students. Then on through the Black Valley where we met fear an phoist & later hassled a poor teacher of the Black Valley school, which was just about to close for the Easter hols, by telling her we had arrived to inspect the place! After a 15km hike we had well earned refreshments in Kate Kearney’s.

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