Ramblers no more!

A very lively and positive meeting of Amblers and Ramblers was held at SMA centre, Wilton, on Monday 16th January 2017.

The meeting was attended by 33 people, with apologies from quite a few others. It was felt that the names “Amblers” and “Ramblers” are possibly confusing, with the result that the walks are sometimes being “blended” as well.

It was agreed that the Amblers will be the walks which are held over mostly flat ground, with some inevitable slopes, and that they will generally be of 1.5 to 2 hours duration. These walks will be notified by text message.

The new name agreed for  the Ramblers is the Hillwalkers. These walks will be more strenuous, but generally Grade C or D walks, of up to 4 hours duration . These walks will be notified by email. If you weren’t at the meeting and you haven’t already done so, please email Clare Shelly, to be included in the Hillwalkers list.   clareshelly.cs@gmail.com

Hillwalks will be notified by email in order that details of the walks can be elaborated on. It was agreed that details of all walks will be sent to Mags McCarthy for inclusion on the blog in advance of the walk.

There were plenty of suggestions as to where we might walk,  and when, so it was agreed that two sub committees would be formed: a Hillwalkers and an Amblers.

The Hillwalkers  committee comprises: Pat Crowley, Kathleen Lowney, Joan McCann, Sean McCarthy, Mags McCarthy, Clare Shelly.

The Amblers  committee comprises: Bart Bambury, Mary Fitzgerald, Marie Power.