Yawl Come Now!

As we headed to The Walter Raleigh Hotel in Youghal, it looked as if our weather luck
was about to run out. Grey skies, drizzle and RTÉ-promised downpours seemed our
likely fate. One was tempted to borrow Walter Raleigh’s famous cloak “ar eagla na heagla”.
Our leader, Kay McEnery, like the best of generals, was lucky and the darker weather
demons did not disturb our outing.
Leaving the hotel in good time we turned right and headed for Redbarn. Kay’s Youghal
insider knowledge leavened the way as we heard of Moll Goggin’s sad plight and of an
RAF plane landing on the beach in an emergency. The sea air removed the cobwebs
from our lungs as we bounced along The Boardwalk. The animation of our walking
group caught the attention of Denis Minihane, photographer with the Examiner/Evening
Echo. If and when our photo appears, a spike in sales can be anticipated!
Chatting as we walked it was a surprise to find M. like me had daughters with the same
name and long-term residents of Melbourne, Australia. Some members offered
memories of Redbarn’s Ballroom of Romance and the adjacent outdoor attractions…..
After a brief “sos” we started our return walk. A slight drizzle (by way of no harm)
quickened our step as The Walter Raleigh came into sight.
Much thanks to Kay & the RTAI committee for providing us members with yet another
happy “Lá Cois Farraige”

Seán Ó Callanáin