Coumduala Loop Ramble

What a wonderful day we had in the Nire Valley!

20 determined ramblers headed off to the Loop most ably led once again by Veronica Curran & gently urged on by Dick Waide. Lots of weather prayers (offered by Veronica’s mother!) ensured the sunshine & we had many stops along the way to appreciate the great views even as far away as the bridge in Waterford. The trek was bookended by early morning tea & scones followed later by delicious sandwiches & home baking in Hanora’s Cottage.

Truly a “la brea brothallach…….”

With thanks to Liam for the group photos here :

The following photos of the beautiful landscape were kindly submitted by Elizabeth and Joe. No doubt the views helped to ease any strain on the muscles – go maire sibh, a spaisteoirí!