Online Payslips- Volunteers required for DE Pilot Project

As you know salary and pensions are paid electronically by the Department of Education (DE) on a fortnightly basis. The DE also sends a payslip by post to every teacher/retired teacher each fortnight. The DE is exploring whether teachers/retired teachers could be given an option to receive their payslip online, rather than by post.

            To assist with its planning the DE intends to conduct a pilot project to explore how best the issuing of online payslips could be managed. The DE has sought the assistance of the RTAI in identifying a group of retired teachers to participate in this study. Accordingly, I am looking for some volunteers!

            This is only a trial and teachers who participate will continue to receive their pension slips in the normal manner.

            It is important for the success of the pilot study that retirees with varying degrees of IT skills participate, so please don’t rule yourself out because you consider your familiarity with technology to be inadequate.

            If you are willing to participate in the pilot project, please email  and include the following information: your Name (as it appears on your pension payslip); Email address (even though it will be contained in your email) and indicate that your status is ‘Retired’ (the DE will be conducting separate pilots for serving teachers and non-teaching staff).

The DE would appreciate replies by 7 June next.

Further information, including the steps to follow in setting up a Digital Postbox account, will be issued to you directly by the DE.

Finally, the RTAI is pleased that the DE is seeking the input of retired teachers and your participation and feedback will be of great benefit to the development of the project.

Kind regards,

Billy Sheehan